Hyundai i30N customer experience

This was a great opportunity for Hyundai to push their I30 N clients to try their cars in a safe environment and get the full potential of the car. it was a great customer experience and an eye opener for many prospects

The Project

Hyundai had just launched their newest hot hatch in the market, the challenge was to show its full potential with different driving styles and competing for the i30 N official cup. Thus, Hyundai i30N customer experience with APEX Communications.

We signed up 4 cars in the Lebanese speed test championship where the customers had the chance to unleash the full potential of their cars in a safe environment.

The customers not only competed in a class of their own, but against amateur & professional driver too.

It was a fun, exciting and safe day.

The objectives were to promote the car, create a customer experience like no other as well as bringing in new prospects.

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