Lebanese Digital Motorsport Championship

APEX was chosen as a promoter & Organizer of the first Lebanese Digital Motorsport Championship. Digital Motorsport previously known as SIM Racing is an extended arm of motorsports officially recognized by the global motorsports governing body, the FIA (Federation Internationale de L’automobile).

The Project

Digital Motorsports is the latest  global trend in motorsports. Every country is required to have a digital presence and digital representation in what was previously known as sim racing to crown a local, regional and world champion. Digital Motorsports is now an extended arm of motorsports with an objective to being accessible to everyone and discover the latest talents, and develop them through bridging into real competitions.

Given its motorsports & communcation experience, APEX was chosen to lead, organize & promote the championship in Lebanon to crown the local champion who will represent Lebanon in the Global FIA Motorsports Games, As well as Launch the MENA Digital Motorsports plarforms to unite the region under 1 platform.

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